Elf Party Hats


Just Artifacts just added party hats to their amazing inventory. Not only that, but their collection is so fun with stripes, polka dots, and chevron prints in a variety of colors. All of this just in time for the holidays. Although party hats are fun on their own, today we have a  DIY project for you to bring your hats to life. You and your kids can all sign up to be Santa’s little helpers with this fun little project.


I rounded up some festive ribbon and paper. You will also need tape, scissors, and glue. I also grabbed some cotton balls to glue onto the tops of the hats.


After pulling your elastic through the holes in the party hat, cut 1 inch slits on the front side of the elastic on your party hat (see above picture). Cut one on the other side as well. This is where you will put the ears.


I looked online for some ideas of elf shaped ears. On a piece of folded paper, I drew an outline and then cut it out so that I had two ears that were the same size and shape. I slipped the bottom of the ear into the cut slit in the hat. I used tape on the inside of the hat to keep the ear at an angle that I liked. I then started adding ribbon and bows and decoration onto the hats. Make each hat unique for each kid or to make it easier for you (if you’re making a lot) you can make them all the same. Bows for the girls. Cotton balls and plain ribbon for the boys.


Put on the hat and enjoy! I’m sure your little ones will be very pleased to help make or wrap Christmas gifts if they know they are little elves working in the workshop.

Some tips for the party hats:

  • Use double knots at the end of the elastic after pulling it through so it stays more secure.
  • Use scotch tape on the edge to keep the hat closed.
  • The elastic may not be long enough if you are using the hats for adults so try some ribbon or string cut longer and tie it underneath.

Do you like to decorate your party hats or just use them as is? When was the last time you had party hats at a party? Do you have any other ideas for decorating party hats for the holidays?

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Paper Treat Bags – Amazing Uses to Amaze Everyone!

Paper Treat Bags

Organizing a party for friends can be an engaging task! All of us want our guests to feel special and looked after and arrange for special cards, candies or notes. This time you will be able to make the occasion better with the beautiful paper treat bags that are now available online on popular party item stores. When you plan your child’s birthday party, make sure that you order the exciting and stylish treat bags with several different patterns. The return gifts can be packed into the colorful and designer polka dotted bags. You can place stationary items in it securely and make it look great.


Invitation through Party Treat Bags 

These paper bags are also offered in vivid patterns be it polka, striped or chevron bags. The party treat bags come in sets of 24 so your purpose of finding the right party paper Favor Bags will be solved in one go. The bags are available in funky colors so make the birthday party return gifts look very eye catching with the bright colors. The horizontal stripes, slanting stripes, chevron stripes and polka dotted patterns on paper bags make them look intriguing. You can personalize the invitations for every party by placing the invitation cards inside these party treat bags or paper treat bags, as the size is good to fit an A7 card conveniently. You may also add notes or favors in these durably made paper bags so make sure that you have your collection in place and order from the exciting range available with Just Artifacts.

Pack some goodies!

You will enjoy using the colorful paper treat bags for sweets and candies for children on occasions such as Christmas and New Year also. Every bag is food safe so you can place any kind of chocolates, candies, toffees, muffins and cookies. Make your child’s friends feel on top of the world by gifting them with little bags of goodies in these exciting bags. These polka dotted treat bags are better than the usual transparent ones as they keep the excitement of the gift alive. The opaque paper won’t let out the secret of the contents and the surprise will stay fresh and new. You can choose to tie the top of each paper favor bags with a delicate ribbon for an extra decor.

paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-horizontal-striped-bubblegum-pink-5 paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-spanish-tile-grey-5


Write something with the right ones!

The striped paper treat bags are also suitable for giving greeting cards or notes to friends with an additional decoration. The paper bags are available in a two dozen set so that you can choose the color and pattern and order a set for a party. The festive season of Halloween can become a beautiful gifting affair this year with the treat bags. You can tape the top of the paper striped bags or even use a bow to decorate and secure the contents. The paper treat bags are already designed for the party but you can give them a personal touch with added notes or decorations with glitter or beads.

paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-chevron-navy-5 ???????????????????????????????

Your search for the ideal treat bag in paper is finally over as these designer and funky colored bags will come handy! This festive season, let go of the usual. Get hold of some usual items and craft your own signature style!

Kid’s Room Decorative Branch

Today’s post is a fun project to do for your kid’s room. I have been trying to find the perfect touch for my daughter’s room. Her room is colorful, yet girly and it needed something for the big barren wall on one side. Since it is fall there are lots of fallen tree branches in my yard which got the creative juices flowing.


I started gathering some supplies in the colors of her room. My mom actually painted my daughter a toddler bed and then gave me all of the left over paint. In addition to the paint I gathered baker’s twine, washi tape, a pinwheel, and some other little supplies I had on hand. I also needed some craft glue and scissors. I picked up a few branches and then chose the perfect one based on it’s size.

At first I wasn’t sure where to start with decorating my branch so I decided to cut a piece of twine and using the craft glue I wrapped it around part of the branch. Once I started I was on a roll. I alternated between washi tapes, paint, and the twine to make my branch nice and colorful.




With the washi tapes I either wrapped them continuously around the branch like I did with the twine or I ripped off small pieces and made a pattern with it.




To add a little bit more dimension I used this tutorial on making washi tape bunting and hung it up in the branch. I love how the colors all match with the paint that I had left over. I used some paint on some styrofoam balls that I had. I poked a hole in them and using the craft glue I glued on some twine to hang them up. Read More

Stunning Ways To Use Paper Ice Cream Cups Like Never Before!

Putting Paper Ice Cream Cups to vivid unconventional use is picking up trend; because using routine items for their usual purpose can be boring in the long run. Easy to buy and available at very cost effective prices in bulk, these ice cream paper cups can be put to ample party uses and delight your guests with their innovative use!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Every nook and corner finds ardent ice cream lovers. The joy of enjoying the oodles of yummy scoops is endless. That’s precisely why there are a lot of pains taken in designing Paper Ice Cream Cups, for they are the means through which these yummy desserts are enjoyed!

Ever wondered how these beautiful Paper Ice Cream Cups can be put to different uses? Never thought of using these lovely cups apart from serving ice cream? If that’s the case, read on and find out stunning ways to use Paper Ice Cream Cups like never before!


Create your own ice-cream parlor at parties

Everyone loves to treat guests and family. The entire event of getting together, having a gala time and enjoying food together is one experience in itself. Though the idea of welcoming all for a party or a get-together seems merry making, the worry of how to make it different haunts all. Here is an exciting out of the box secret to make your guests applaud you for your creativity!

Buy or assemble in bulk these ice cream cups. You can choose from a variety of these available online at very convenient prices. Choose your favorite colors, patterns and different sizes. Get big family packs of ice cream flavors to suit the guests according to their age and taste preference. Buy a variety of toppings that you want to go with the ice creams. From jellies and chocolate chips to small diced fresh fruits, whipped cream – you can assemble every topping you can think of.

The day you have the party, decorate a table with a placard reading “Make your own Sundae”. Lay out in different attractive dishes the toppings that you have assembled. Keep all the wonderful paper cups that you have got. You could used patterns like Chevron, Polka Dot Ice Cream Cups or even Stripe Paper ice Cream Cups. In big containers, keep the various ice cream flavors that you have previously purchased and keep a scoop ready for guests to scoop out the ice cream well.




Invite the guests to your Ice cream Parlor and introduce to them the varieties you have kept. As they gaze in delight the pains you have taken, get ready to be showered by compliments for your party idea tricks!

Wrap it up like never before!

Ever wondered using Polka Dot Ice Cream Cups to gift an article? Sounds exciting? Why wouldn’t it? Use some vivid colored ice cream paper cups that you already have. You could also buy them in Bulk if the gifting is to be done during weddings or events like Christmas and Halloween. Use gelatin paper that is available in all sorts of colors. This will serve as the wrapping paper for the gifts. Put your gift articles, preferably small ones, into these ice cream cups, in a way not to damage the shape or the form. Cover each cup with the gelatin or the transparent wrapping sheet and form a chocolate or a cookie shape. Tie a bow and put an attractive gift tag. This innovative gift pack is ready to make you a gifting pro!   

DIY craft using Paper Ice Cream Cups

Make your kids party come alive with some DIY craft. Use these Stripe Paper ice Cream Cups and demonstrate to them ideas about making party hats using these. Be little careful as to how kids handle sharp objects. Bring on a decoration activity using balloons, tassels and paper cups and see kids bringing out the best with these objects.

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Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns – Get Your Party Glowing With Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

Use of costumes and attractive lanterns during Halloween festival makes them an important part of the occasion. Halloween is the most awaited festival and people can’t wait to see themselves in various crazy avatars. Adding to this are lanterns and tissue paper craft made with different designs and materials adding a golden touch to the festival.

Halloween paper lanterns are the most popular articles that people use during the festival. These paper lanterns gives a new look to the party tagged with different techniques creating fancy costumes including the pumpkin face. In fact, carving the pumpkin face in lanterns is something that people love to do. It doesn’t matter if the design is simple or hard one, carving of pumpkin should be embraced by guests attending the party.


For the traditional Halloween lovers, real pumpkin is still the choice. However, to make these pumpkins more appealing, there are some facts that you should know. One such is no matter how fancy you carving, you must cut off the first and remove insides of pumpkin.

For those who are willing to go a little extra, shun off the usual pumpkins. We have Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns where special paper duplicates the pumpkin.

Different Pumpkin Lanterns to choose from:

If you are not interested in designing or are facing short of time to engage in designing, then you can go online to purchase some designer paper lanterns. Some of the available designer paper lanterns in pumpkin designs are- Halloween Pumpkin Orange Jack-O-Lantern16” Orange Halloween Pumpkin Paper Jack-O-Lantern, Smiling Paper Pumpkin Halloween Hanging Lantern etc.  These paper lanterns are very delicate and should be handled carefully.

16-quot-orange-halloween-pumpkin-paper-jack-o-39-lantern-2 halloween-pumpkin-orange-jack-o-lantern-flying-sky-floating-lantern-2

The price range of such lantern starts from $1.98 and goes to $3.98; depending on the size it is available. You can even go for Halloween paper lanterns having different designs sketched on it. You can check out options like-Paper Lantern Black Chevron, Orange Paper Lantern, Black Paper Lantern and Royal Purple Paper Lantern.

12-paper-lantern-black-chevron-6       16-quot-royal-purple-chinese-japanese-paper-lantern-8

If you are an activity lover and would love to keep your guests or children busy with some Halloween activity, then nothing beats the DIY Halloween lanterns as per your carving design and party theme. Try out this best activity which you can go for with your family too. Pumpkin lanterns are fun to design and even safe way to celebrate autumn.

If you love designing your home with different colors of paper lantern, then you can go for multi-color paper lanterns like- Eyelet Paper Lanterns, Chevron and Polka Dot Paper Lanterns, Glitter Paper Lanterns and many more options to choose from.

The paper used in making these Halloween hanging lanterns are of high quality and are designed to make your party more shine and happening. Decorating your house with different colors lanterns on the occasion of Halloween with added touch lights and decorating items besides will certainly create a charming presentation your skilled art.


Check out the finest color and paper made Halloween hanging lanterns which you can hang across your home with lights. Switch off the lights and see how the entire home illuminates with smiling paper colorful Halloween lantern.

Visit online website  Just Artifacts if you are looking for some of the top quality lantern for Halloween and select from wide options available different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

Black and White Party


Having a party is a great way to bring friends together for a certain reason. Let’s be honest though, sometimes you don’t want a certain reason to bring your friends together. Having a black and white theme for your next party is the ticket for easy, yet classy, decorations. Black and white catches the eye and lets your treats (such as these cupcakes) take center stage.


I made these fun labels for the food and drinks. I took plain black paper and cut it about 3″ x 7″ and folded it. Then I cut the white paper to fit nicely on the front. I used washi tape to secure it in place (no glue necessary!). I tried to make the labels fun. I had “Kelli’s Cupcakes” because Kelli brought the cupcakes. I had “Rabbit Food” for the veggies. “Thirst Quenchers” for the drinks, and “Pop~Kettle~Corn” for the popcorn.


I filled some snack cups up with candy corn for an easy to grab sweet treat. Snack cups are the perfect size for any bite size treat like candy or nuts.


I chose to fill some party paper cups with popcorn for another easy to grab option. I wanted all the treats to be finger food that didn’t need utensils. Sometimes popcorn can get messy so putting the popcorn in cups was the perfect solution.


I realize that I didn’t post any pictures of the drinks, but we did have drinks available. We had an Italian soda bar with a selection of syrup flavors. We also had some cola drinks and the mixes of syrup with the cola drinks were getting creative. We, of course, had our paper straws available. We finished off the treat table with paper plates and party napkins. Having a black and white theme can go with any type of party you are having. It’s even a great base for adding accent colors with it. If you’re doing a baby shower for a little girl you can add bows to the decor and for a boy you can add bugs. If it’s for a bridal shower you can add a “his and hers” theme to it. It’s also perfect for Halloween (add some orange), New Year’s Eve (add some gold sparkles), or Easter (add some bunnies). The possibilities with black and white party decorations are endless so have fun with it! Be sure to head on over to Just Artifacts for all your black and white party needs!

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Unique Baking, Snack & Treat Cup ideas for Birthday Parties

Food presentation is an extremely important element of meals served these days. Irrespective of whether you are attending a chaotic kid’s party or a lavish wedding, if the food does not look cute and delicate, it won’t receive the attention it deserves.

A new trend these days is to keep the menu items sophisticated and make it as easy as possible for the guests to eat. No wonder, bite sized portions and finger food is gaining popularity at birthday parties. Messy food is no longer in vogue! For that matter, even bulky birthday cakes have been replaced with dainty looking cupcakes, which are served in baking, snack, treat cups! Apart from the usual cupcakes, these treat cups are used extensively for other menu items as well! 

The treat cups for parties are available in wide range of colors, designs and sizes and are priced for as low as $ 1.78 for 10 cups! You may feel that buying the perfect snack cup might be overwhelming, but it is really not that difficult. These cups are practical and have a good design. Moreover, they make all types of food look delicious.


Catering companies and home cooks, both prefer to use them to cater for parties as they have multiple advantages. The foremost advantage is that it provides for easy clean up not just while cooking for the party guests but also while disposing off the waste and cleaning the space after a party.

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The sweet and the savory muffins

Sweet muffins are a must at any party, but the new trend dictates that other types of mix muffins make regular appearances on gourmet menus. Some of these include maple bacon muffin, chilly meatloaf muffin, tomato basil Parmesan muffin, lasagna muffin etc. The idea is to serve an entree but in paper treat cups. Since most people prefer smaller portions these days, these treat cups for parties are a hit! All the cups have consistent portions and the host does not have to bother about serving the same portion sizes to all guests. The presentation and portions have already been taken care for!

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D is for Desserts

There was a time when party guests looked forward to the dessert section at the party. But the trend these days follows that the dessert counter can look appealing only if the desserts are in colorful treat cups. These paper treat cups include desserts such as caramelized apples, donut pops, cake pops and cake cups. The cups ensure that the desserts maintain their original form for hours and the baked good maintain their moisture levels. Thus they serve a dual purpose!

Purple Polka Dot Baking and Snack Cup 6pcs Chocolate Polka Dot Baking and Snack Cup 6pcs

If all these party ideas have inspired you, then you should not wait any longer. Throw a party and try some of these tricks. Don’t have the patience to throw a full-fledged party? Then use these paper treat cups for a meal for your family or for throwing a small tea party for your neighbors. After all, the size of the party does not matter, what matters is how well you nail it!