Party Paper Straws – Go in-Theme with Your Birthday/House Warming/Christmas Party

Party lovers always want to make sure that everything during the party is in place. In fact for them, it is not only the food, music or games, it is about organizing a perfect party where everything is taken care of. Those who throw parties on frequent basis want options that allow them to enjoy their own party in best possible way and at the same time avoid all the mess up after the fun is over.


Cleaning is the most difficult part. No matter how small or big the gathering is, after the party is over, one has to manage everything and put things back to place. One of the biggest issues is cleaning the dishes and glasses in which food and drinks were served. Yes, it takes a lot of effort. But now with the paper disposables at hand, things are no longer a problem.

Disposables Made of Paper

Disposables are a good alternative since one just has to use and throw. From dishes to bowls, spoons, glasses and even straws can be used so that there is least possible mess around. There are different kinds of disposables available in market but then those made of paper are the best. They can be stored easily and hence take less space before and after use. These cannot be used again and hence hygiene is assured at all times.

Party Paper Straws

Drinks are an important part of any party and hence it is always good to be prepared for the best. Some drinks taste better when consumed using straws and therefore, buying paper drinking straws becomes essential. These straws are made of good quality material making them safe for use. These days, there are different designs offered by party suppliers so that the person can choose accordingly.


There are straws for all possible occasions. While for kid’s birthday party, there are straws decorated in a colorful way, simple striped paper straws are ideal for corporate events. Special straws are also available for festivals like Christmas and New Year. Therefore, they not only render utility but also add to the look and appeal of the party. The straws can be innovatively placed in the glass making sure that it captures everyone’s attention.

Finding a Supplier

When it comes to buying disposables, it is important to buy from a reliable party supplier.  Apart from the design and look of the colored paper straws, there are several aspects that one should consider when making a choice.

  • Quality: Disposables should always be of good quality. Therefore, it is necessary to buy from a supplier who has an ISO certification and other recognitions necessary for manufacturing such products. This ensures that products are manufactured under hygienic conditions as per the food safety laws.
  • Eco-friendly: Disposables made of plastic might appear to be a good option as well but then one should remember that the plastic ones are not eco-friendly. Hence, straws made using natural products are a better option.
  • Cost: Cost indeed is a crucial aspect when choosing the straws. Different suppliers might charge different price for similar looking products and hence, one should do a thorough research before choosing an option. It is wise to buy from supplier who offers paper straws wholesale prices After all, cost does matter as there are other things to buy as well.

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Using party paper straws is a good decision when it comes to utility, comfort as well as budget. one can buy different designs in bulk to avoid last minute hassles. The benefits have led to increasing popularity of these disposables amongst people ensuring a fun-filled and exciting union with dear ones whenever desired.

Tips For Hanging Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way to add color to any party.  One fun way to display paper lanterns is in trees. If you’re hosting an indoor party you can hang them outside letting guests know where the party is. If your event is outdoors, paper lanterns add color to the festivities. Just Artifacts offers an array of colors and patterns to match every party theme. Here are a few tips for hanging paper lanterns in nearby trees.


Mix solid colors with prints. Trees provide a neutral background which means your paper lanterns will stand out. By mixing solids and prints you’re adding a perfect touch to any tree. Read More  Continue reading

Cupcakes Decor to Make Party & Wedding Rich

Cupcakes arranged in the delightful manner look really dashing in parties or wedding functions. See here the images of cupcake decor and make your special and auspicious events memorable for long time. The cupcake wrappers also matter a lot in their appearance in cupcake decorations.

Ideas for Ornamenting Contemporary Homes and Events with Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns and holders widely enhance the lavishness and beauty of our home decor. They are great decor accessory or articles that transforms an ordinary light into a soothing radiance. They are also being preferred for various occasions in the contemporary society. They not only please our vision but also create a serene atmosphere.

Sky Lanterns For Enriching Your Decor Ideas

Sky lanterns serve as chic decorative accessories. They are available in plenty of colors, shapes and sizes and that too within your budget. You can select and use specific shapes of sky lanterns in specific events. You can also use different colors to match the theme of your event.

Bunting Banner to Give a Splash of Beauty to Your Places

Celebrate this festive season with a splash of colors by hanging bunting banners available in a wide variety of colors, prints and patterns. Do up your place in the most budget-friendly manner as possible. Here’s how you can make bunting banners on your own.

Give Wings to Your Creative Ideas with DIY Crafts

DIY crafts are effective, cheap and quality products that enable you to experiment a multitude of decoration ideas. They fuel your flair for creativity, and provide you the luxury of trying different things.

Creativity is mainly obstructed by budget and unavailability of decorative accessories. This impacts your inventiveness and enthusiasm to design unique pieces of art. This is where Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts come to the rescue. DIY crafts are referred to cheap decoration alternatives that fuel your creativity without hurting the budget. You innovate, experiment and create masterpieces of artwork without the need of exclusive decoration items. These decoration items have the capability to add glamour and style to ordinary things and living spaces. They provide you with the luxury of trying myriad of things. The most premiere DIY crafts that I can think of are:

Washi tapes

Washi tapes are quality sticky strips made from rice paper. They are easily available in the market in a wide range of colors and designs. You can use them to decorate your personal belongings, tables, chairs, walls, shelves, mobiles, watch and all other things that you consider decorating. They are very effective and can be easily removed without the fear of damage and residue. Popular design patterns of Washi tapes are chevron, polka dotted, star, striped, patterned and floral.

Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

Hanging crystal garlands

Simply hanging these accessories can revive the setting. They have a perfect blend of design pattern and color refraction that can beautify every nook and cranny of the space. You can hang them at the reception desk or use them during celebratory events. Nothing would beat the pleasant and serene aura that it generates. The popular hanging crystals are easily available in the following colors: black, ivory, lemon chiffon, pineapple, cherry red, plum, lavender, cornflower, etc.

Hanging Crystal Garlands - Just Artifacts

Baker’s twine

Baker’s twine is also known as butcher’s twine or cooking twine. In the past, they were largely preferred for holding the stuff intact while cooking stuffed recipes. However, in the contemporary society, its use has been moved out of kitchens. They are available in vibrant color combinations that can be used for wrapping gifts, accenting packages, making banners, scrap-booking and other craft projects. They are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Some of the popular colors include stripped lavender, pumpkin, lemon, royal blue, fuchsia, etc.

Bakers Twine String - Just Artifacts

Gift ribbon rolls

Gift ribbon rolls have multitude of applications. From gift wrapping to elevating the beauty of greetings, from bordering photo frames to pinning the scrap-books, you can decorate anything that you desire. It is best-suited for fresh flowers, floral arrangement, flower bouquets, wedding invitations and general packaging. These ribbons are available in almost all colors that you can imagine. Width and length of the ribbons varies, which enable you to make effective use of these ribbons.

Gift Ribbon Rolls - Just Artifacts

Pulling flower gift ribbons

The next decoration accessory featuring in my popular DIY crafts list is tiny pulling flower gift ribbons. These trivial things can hide the shabbiness of your untidy gift wraps. They can also perfectly sync with floral arrangements, bouquets, etc. Wherever you use them, they amplify the effect and overall look and feel.

Pulling Flower Gift Ribbons - Just ArtifactsThese are some of the cheap DIY crafts that can transform your trivial creative initiative into something worth admiration. They are available on the online store at affordable prices. So, give wings to your creative flair and do not hesitate to create unique pieces of art with DIY crafts.

Just Artifacts has a wide range of selected DIY crafts. You can purchase decoration alternatives and discover your inventiveness. They are cheap but sincerely glamorous and magnificent.

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