You make my heart POP! Valentine’s Day Cake


There are so many fun ideas out there for cakes, drinks, and treats. Some of them can get a little overwhelming but we think that you will like today’s idea and how simple it is. Kids always love balloons so You Make My Heart Pop! will make everyone happy.

In order to decorate your cake you will need the following (the links will take you to Just Artifacts supplies):


There are so many variations to this idea that you can do, but we did a small 6 inch cake with a bunch of mini cupcakes to go around it. we absolutely love mini cupcakes because they’re the perfect treat without being too rich. So depending on how you want to do it will determine how many straw decorations you will want to make. Not every cupcake will need something and each one can be at different heights so have fun with it. Once you have decided how many you want you can cut the straws to the different heights that are needed.


We cut up hearts in all different sizes. Some big and some little. For the little cupcakes we taped the back of the hearts to the straws and stuck them in the cupcakes.


Since we had a little cake we used one little balloon, but with a bigger cake it would be really fun to do more balloons and blow them up bigger. Once  the balloon was blown up to where you want it,  use the twine to tie it to a straw. This part got a little tricky because I didn’t want the balloon to flop around. We tied it on and used a small piece of scotch tape to tape the back of the balloon down onto the straw. Since we knew no one would see the back of the cake or touch the cake we knew it would work, and it did. So you will just need to play with it a little to get it where you want it. you can add a “pop” onto one of the hearts on the cake. And that’s it!


Along with the cupcakes and cake there are so many fun ways you can incorporate this theme into your parties. Just picture lots of hearts and lots of balloons. You really can’t go wrong. What other ideas would you add to this theme? Are you having a Valentine’s party this year?

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Valentine Sweetheart Savings

Valentines Paper Straws

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? Whether you’re planning a party for your kids or a romantic dinner for two then we have a fun little touch to add to your festivities. Read the post HERE

Easy DIY Crown


Today we have a super fun (and easy) tutorial for you. I have a little girl and she is really into dressing up these days. She finds random things around the house and then creates full stories around them. One day when I was decorating cupcakes using cupcake wrappers, she picked up one of the wrappers, put it on her head and then told me she was the queen and ran away holding it on her head. At that moment I knew I needed to find a way for her to keep the “crown” on her head so that she could have her hands free for fighting dragons.

Just Artifacts has a colorful array of cupcake wrappers that come in a variety of patterns. Think of all the possibilities!! First you have to pick the best color/pattern for your party or dress up closet (the striped lemon would be perfect for a Queen Bee party). For this project you will also need a hot glue gun, a headband, and some scotch tape (not pictured).


Put the cupcake wrapper together by wrapping the end around and inserting the tab into the slot on the other end. Use a piece of tape to reinforce the wrapper. This will help with gluing it onto the headband.


Pick the position where you want to place the wrapper onto the headband. I decided to do it at an angle, but I think that straight up and down would also look really cute. Place one dab of hot glue on one side and wait a few seconds for it to cool down a little. This will allow the glue to stiffen just enough to help hold the wrapper in place. Read More…

Get Designer Paper Straws to Woo Your Guests

Designer Paper Straw

Designer Paper Straws

The quest to be the perfect holiday season party host is rather a difficult one. From the invites to the food, the to-do list seems to be too long. And it doesn’t end there. Even after you do everything in your capacity, you will still not be able to please all your guests. In most cases you will always see bored cranky kids at parties who compel their parents to leave the party premature.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It is a common sight that most party organizers face. They plan the whole party keeping in mind the adults and forget completely about the children. Considering Christmas is a family holiday, it is obvious that most adults would love to take their kids to Christmas parties. But more often than not, these parties ignore the kids altogether. If you want to be the perfect host that pleases everyone, here are some tips for you. Read more…

Add jazz to your Christmas party with Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls

Honeycomb balls Hanging Party Decorations

Did you get stuck with the scary responsibility of planning the company Christmas party? Did you unwilling accept this opportunity with the prospects of a promotion? Well, you are not alone. There are many others like you who are going through the same stressful process. We can imagine the pressure of not only proving your capabilities to your boss but also making sure that your co-workers enjoy the party.

Organizing an office party is a thankless task and will require you to juggle between your regular workload and Christmas planning. Nevertheless, don’t let the responsibilities dampen your holiday spirit. Here are a few ideas to jazz up your Christmas party.

Save the date

A good party is one with maximum attendance. Hence, set the date for the event as early as possible and send out the invites. Insist on getting confirmations and don’t forget to ask people about the dietary requirements or allergies. This will help you plan the party menu easily.

Honeycomb Hanging Decoration Ideas

Set the budget

Since it is an office party, it is essential to get a budget from the finance department. Your budget will impact all aspects of your party – from the menu you choose to the decor you put up. However, don’t feel let down by a small budget. All you need to do is channelize your resources in the right direction. Make priorities and cut back on unnecessary costs such as decorations. Check out various vendors for Christmas Party Supplies to get the best rate.

Decide on the type of party

The type of party you throw largely depends upon the budget you set out with. However, there may be other factors to consider as well. Consider the location of the party and number of attendees before you decide the theme. Sometimes, having a theme would mean you need more space for props and decor. Also, if the party accommodates partners and children, then you need to be more careful when selecting the menu, activities and decor.

Make the venue look pretty

Venue Decoration with Honeycomb Balls

The decor is the heartbeat of any party but more often than not it is always a last minute decision. Most party organizers pick up expensive Christmas party decor and slap it across the room. Instead of spending a bomb on crappy decorations, it is simpler and smarter to think outside the box and go for something fresh. A good example is Tissue Honeycomb Balls. Paper Honeycomb Balls can be reused, recycled and revamped every time you throw an office party. These vibrant paper balls look elegant as well as festive at the same time. You can get creative with different color combinations to achieve a look that suits your theme. They are economical as well and are child friendly. Once you put them up, you know they are perfect for Christmas.

Lastly, enjoy the event. Just because you are planning it, doesn’t mean you cant enjoy. Put on your party shoes and have a good time. Mingle with your coworkers and get into the holiday spirit.

Honeycomb Balls Color

Elf Party Hats


Just Artifacts just added party hats to their amazing inventory. Not only that, but their collection is so fun with stripes, polka dots, and chevron prints in a variety of colors. All of this just in time for the holidays. Although party hats are fun on their own, today we have a  DIY project for you to bring your hats to life. You and your kids can all sign up to be Santa’s little helpers with this fun little project.


I rounded up some festive ribbon and paper. You will also need tape, scissors, and glue. I also grabbed some cotton balls to glue onto the tops of the hats.


After pulling your elastic through the holes in the party hat, cut 1 inch slits on the front side of the elastic on your party hat (see above picture). Cut one on the other side as well. This is where you will put the ears.


I looked online for some ideas of elf shaped ears. On a piece of folded paper, I drew an outline and then cut it out so that I had two ears that were the same size and shape. I slipped the bottom of the ear into the cut slit in the hat. I used tape on the inside of the hat to keep the ear at an angle that I liked. I then started adding ribbon and bows and decoration onto the hats. Make each hat unique for each kid or to make it easier for you (if you’re making a lot) you can make them all the same. Bows for the girls. Cotton balls and plain ribbon for the boys.


Put on the hat and enjoy! I’m sure your little ones will be very pleased to help make or wrap Christmas gifts if they know they are little elves working in the workshop.

Some tips for the party hats:

  • Use double knots at the end of the elastic after pulling it through so it stays more secure.
  • Use scotch tape on the edge to keep the hat closed.
  • The elastic may not be long enough if you are using the hats for adults so try some ribbon or string cut longer and tie it underneath.

Do you like to decorate your party hats or just use them as is? When was the last time you had party hats at a party? Do you have any other ideas for decorating party hats for the holidays?

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Paper Treat Bags – Amazing Uses to Amaze Everyone!

Paper Treat Bags

Organizing a party for friends can be an engaging task! All of us want our guests to feel special and looked after and arrange for special cards, candies or notes. This time you will be able to make the occasion better with the beautiful paper treat bags that are now available online on popular party item stores. When you plan your child’s birthday party, make sure that you order the exciting and stylish treat bags with several different patterns. The return gifts can be packed into the colorful and designer polka dotted bags. You can place stationary items in it securely and make it look great.


Invitation through Party Treat Bags 

These paper bags are also offered in vivid patterns be it polka, striped or chevron bags. The party treat bags come in sets of 24 so your purpose of finding the right party paper Favor Bags will be solved in one go. The bags are available in funky colors so make the birthday party return gifts look very eye catching with the bright colors. The horizontal stripes, slanting stripes, chevron stripes and polka dotted patterns on paper bags make them look intriguing. You can personalize the invitations for every party by placing the invitation cards inside these party treat bags or paper treat bags, as the size is good to fit an A7 card conveniently. You may also add notes or favors in these durably made paper bags so make sure that you have your collection in place and order from the exciting range available with Just Artifacts.

Pack some goodies!

You will enjoy using the colorful paper treat bags for sweets and candies for children on occasions such as Christmas and New Year also. Every bag is food safe so you can place any kind of chocolates, candies, toffees, muffins and cookies. Make your child’s friends feel on top of the world by gifting them with little bags of goodies in these exciting bags. These polka dotted treat bags are better than the usual transparent ones as they keep the excitement of the gift alive. The opaque paper won’t let out the secret of the contents and the surprise will stay fresh and new. You can choose to tie the top of each paper favor bags with a delicate ribbon for an extra decor.

paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-horizontal-striped-bubblegum-pink-5 paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-spanish-tile-grey-5


Write something with the right ones!

The striped paper treat bags are also suitable for giving greeting cards or notes to friends with an additional decoration. The paper bags are available in a two dozen set so that you can choose the color and pattern and order a set for a party. The festive season of Halloween can become a beautiful gifting affair this year with the treat bags. You can tape the top of the paper striped bags or even use a bow to decorate and secure the contents. The paper treat bags are already designed for the party but you can give them a personal touch with added notes or decorations with glitter or beads.

paper-treat-bags-24pcs-medium-chevron-navy-5 ???????????????????????????????

Your search for the ideal treat bag in paper is finally over as these designer and funky colored bags will come handy! This festive season, let go of the usual. Get hold of some usual items and craft your own signature style!